ARCHIVE 2010/2011

Grand Masters Curling Association - 2010/2011
Championship Event - Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26th, 2011

Was held at Thornhill Golf and Country Club  Map

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Game 1Game 2Game 3Final
Doug Scott, Z:16
  loser to 301
  ice 2 John Scott
  Fri 8:30am loser to 201
2 John Scott, Z:12  
    ice 5  John Scott
Dennis Speller, Z:13 Fri 1:30pm  loser to 
  loser to 302   Consolation 1
  ice 3 Dennis Speller  
  Fri 8:30am    
4 Bob Bateman, Z:4    
      ice 4  John Scott
Merv Roberts, Z:2      
  loser to 303   Sat 10:30am   
  ice 4 Merv Roberts    
  Fri 8:30am loser to 203    
6 Gord Barry, Z:6      
    ice 3  Peter Barker  
Peter Barker, Z:8 Fri 1:30pm     
  loser to 304      
  ice 5 Peter Barker    
  Fri 8:30am      
8 Steve Stefanison, Z:3      
        ice  Austin Palmer
Ross Gilbert, Z:10       First Event Winner 
  loser to 305     Sat 2:45pm  Provincial Champion 
  ice 2 Ron Morrison    
  Fri 10:30am loser to 202     John Scott
10 Ron Morrison, Z:15       First Event Runner Up 
    ice 5  Austin Palmer    
11  Austin Palmer, Z:7 Fri 3:30pm  loser to   
  loser to 306   Consolation 2   
  ice 3 Austin Palmer    
  Fri 10:30am      
12 John Hopper, Z:11      
      ice 2  Austin Palmer  
13  Keith Creaser, Z:5      
  loser to 307   Sat 10:30am 
  ice 4 Keith Creaser  
  Fri 10:30am loser to 204  
14 Doug Rathwell, Z:14    
    ice 3  Rod Matheson
15  Rod Matheson, Z:1 Fri 3:30pm     
  loser to 308  
  ice 5 Rod Matheson Consolation 1 Peter Barker
  Fri 10:30am     Rod Matheson
16 Knud Harmark, Z:9     ice ?   First Event Consolation Winner
        Sat 2:45pm Peter Barker
      Consolation 2 Rod Matheson   First Event Consolation Runner Up

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