ARCHIVE 2009/2010

Grand Masters Curling Association - 2009/2010
Championship Event - Friday March 26th and Saturday March 27th, 2010

Was held at Thornhill Golf and Country Club  Map

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Game 1Game 2Game 3Final
John Bayes, Z:7
  loser to 301
  ice 2 Owen Gibb
  Fri 8:30am loser to 201
2 Owen Gibb, Z:4B  
    ice 5  John Scott
John Scott, Z:12 Fri 1:30pm  loser to 
  loser to 302   Consolation 1
  ice 3 John Scott  
  Fri 8:30am    
4 Doug Rathwell, Z:14    
      ice 4  Ron Perrier
Ross Baker, Z:6      
  loser to 303   Sat 10:30am   
  ice 4 Darroll Salmon    
  Fri 8:30am loser to 203    
6 Darroll Salmon, Z:15      
    ice 3  Ron Perrier  
Ron Perrier, Z:10 Fri 1:30pm     
  loser to 304      
  ice 5 Ron Perrier    
  Fri 8:30am      
8 Steve Stephanison, Z:3      
        ice  Peter Barker
John Hopper, Z:11       First Event Winner 
  loser to 305     Sat 2:45pm  Provincial Champion 
  ice 2 Peter Barker    
  Fri 10:30am loser to 202     Ron Perrier
10 Peter Barker, Z:8       First Event Runner Up 
    ice 5  Peter Barker    
11  Garry Holmes, Z:13 Fri 3:30pm  loser to   
  loser to 306   Consolation 2   
  ice 3 Garry Holmes    
  Fri 10:30am      
12 Bob Wilson, Z:2      
      ice 2  Peter Barker  
13  Walter Genereux, Z:4A      
  loser to 307   Sat 10:30am 
  ice 4 Knud Harmark  
  Fri 10:30am loser to 204  
14 Knud Harmark, Z:9    
    ice 3  Roger Leblanc
15  Roger Leblanc, Z:16 Fri 3:30pm     
  loser to 308  
  ice 5 Roger Leblanc Consolation 1 John Scott
  Fri 10:30am     John Scott
16 Harry Litvin, Z:5     ice ?   First Event Consolation Winner
        Sat 2:45pm Roger Leblanc
      Consolation 2 Roger Leblanc   First Event Consolation Runner Up

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